Johan & Marí hand delivering Bibles in the Tsonga tongue to isolated village congregations in Mozambique where few people can read and where Bibles are difficult to come by due to distances and expensive cost to the rural village people. During the most recent Bible Placement Run we fully achieved the objective of staying with the people in the village being served.

A small gift or payment as can be afforded is encouraged to help establish ownership of the Word of God.

Our next focus is to contribute to community and church development for villagers along the Congo River. Only about 15% of the 18 million villagers in the DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo are presently encouraged by church, Pastor or Bible

Johan en MariOur prayerful intention is to join hands with churches, missions organizations and individual missions partners / business sponsors to help develop communities through improved opportunities in river trade and transport.

We need to create the logistic and financial means to afford villagers access to markets so that they can trade their produce and take proper building materials and goods back to their villages.

During the above interaction at ground level, we are able to spread the Good News and encourage a victorious lifestyle in Jesus Christ.

Your contributions to our efforts to serve as hands and feet for the Body of Christ, allows us to research the need for Bibles in isolated rural communities of Africa, to source availability and distribution options, and to deliver the Good News to the ends of the earth in time


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